Hey Guys,

For the past 2 days I have been looking for an answer. Yes I read this -> http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/turnigy-9x-modes-setup and I understand everything when it come to getting 6 modes working. But I don't want this: I want the F@#ing F. Mode switch to work in the first place. (now its not channel 5 and therefor not working in APM>??

I got a Turnigy 9X is a v2 Mode 2. The is configured on FM-PPM (PCM seems to send out weird signals...)

  1. What channel is the F. Mode button assigned to by default - I can't find the answer :-(
  2. Why does APM thinks my GEAR Switchs is Channel 5?

I am really sorry if I am #22334 that asked (most probably the same question). But I am losing my mind here. Help :)

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This is not an APM or a Mission Planner question, but I'll do what I can to answer it here anyways. 

Did you follow the instructions at http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/mode-switch-setup-for-turnigy-1 ?

I don't have a T9x, but I did help some people successfully setup 6 modes on the same hardware (different firmware)

AFAIK, on T9x, the F.Mode switch need not be attached to any channel by default. I believe you use a Mix in concert with another switch (AIL, THRO HOLD, GEAR, etc) to achieve six modes. Ignore the F.Mode, for purposes of mapping a channel and chose one of the other switches. Follow the URL above for the procedure.

AFAIK, on T9x, the GEAR switch might be, in some configuration, as assigned to CH5. Mission Planner/the APM, gets whatever signal on CH5 your TX sends. If your TX has the gear switch mapped to CH5, then that is what the APM reads, if you have the RX CH5 attached to APM IN5 pins. In the T9x, change CH5 to THRO HOLD, and that switch will influence the value of CH5 instead. 

Hi all,

Thanks for the quick replies.

But guys, I do not need 6 modes. I just want to get the F. Mode Switch working.

I can't find any where in the darn 9x Menu / Documentation where I can see where the F. Mode is allocated to. If I flick the F Mode Switch nothing happens in APM. If I go to the AUX-CA Menu option and allocate Channel 5 to Gear. I see the Channel 5 on the default value 1081 and If I flip it it goes to 1901.

This is equal to flight mode 1 OR flight mode 6.

Again I just want 3 flights that I can select with the F. Mode switch.

Help :D

The F. Mode Switch is working, but I don't think it works the way you think/want it to, for this version of firmware, on this TX. Just go set up the six modes according to the URL. Do this so that:

1 - you gain a better understanding of how the parts work togeather

2 - you can get *up to* six modes. If you don't want six modes, just set three modes, and repeat them for each position of GEAR or THRHOLD or whatever other switch you use (AIL, if your firmware allows, is nice, since it is right next to F.Mode; but I think you need ER9x firmware to use it. At least, that is the only firmware version I've set this up on.)

I couldnt work it out with the stock firmware, there doesnt seem to be a way to use it going by the manual.

I have flashed mine to ER9x and it is a piece of cake to set up now

This sounds like a plausible answer yes.

Hey Mike,

I have a pretty good understanding how things work, I just can't seem to allocate the switch.

Yes exactly.

But now the figure out how to get this done with the F. Mode Switch! I guess its not possible with the firmware.

Paul, Mike ir right.

If you have original firmware just follow these steps:  http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/mode-switch-setup-for-turnigy-1

You can install all 6 modes but then ONLY use 3 of them on a switch.

Only after you try it you will understand it. (I was fighting 3 days) :)



Hey Paul,
I believe that the F. Mode switch can only be used with a Mix using the 9X with stock firmware. I also have stock firmware and noticed the same thing. I tried setting every option for Channel 5, and none would give me the F. Mode switch. If you look on the label beside the switch, it actually says "F. Mode (AUX 3) MIX" on it. I think they only intended it to be used in a mix.

I plan to use the stpes bepided in the link for the 6 modes, and just use 3 main modes I want in the first switch position forr Gear or Throttle Hold.

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