i've just finished a turnigy HAL with this spec:

ESC F-30A flashed simonk

motor NTM3530-1100kv

2 turnigy nanotech 3300mah in parallel

propeller 12x4.5 slowfly gemfan

AUW ~1900gr

Apm2 with 2.7.3 firmware

i've set the rate roll P to 0.135 and seems to fly well (others parameter ad default) Someone has a PID configuration to share?

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I have just ordered a set that i am waiting for it to arrive. once assembled i will let you know. in fact i like the idea to excahnge experiences in order to get a good PID and share it amongst the rest of the community. have you had any luck so fat?. have you flown it at all?. any success?.

Hi, I use Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV and one nanotech 5500mAh, propeller 11*4.7 but will change to 12*4.5 later, using Apm2.5 with 2.8.1, rate roll P to 0.1, 0.135 feels a bit unstable for my setting. Still trying to tweak better, will post here later.

any news about PID Kai?

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