Hi, I just received a new APM 2.5, so I decided to test in on a liitle Turnigy Micro-quad from HK.

All the standard configuration went fine, but I think I might need some (a lot of) PIDS tuning. The quad can't stabilize at all, as soon as it leaves the ground it oscillate very hardly and quickly in all directions, so I have to put it down quickly... the propeller directions are ok, and I don't think I have inverted some channel, it seems to be ok when testing with the quad in my hands - just have some doubt for the yaw but it seems worse if I invert this.

Would anyone have some param file to share, especially for the PIDS settings, or indicate what are the parameters I should look into ? - I tried to decrease slightly RATE_ROLL_P and RATE_PITCH_P  as described in  http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Tweaks, but didn't help much...


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For a tiny quad like that, turn your Rate Roll P values way down. Try decreasing in 25% increments. 

Thanks Chris. I realise that I might have been a bit shy on the decrease of this PID. I'll try that, together with the RATE_PITCH_P I presume. Tx

I have the micro hex - and found it is a real difficult one to tune. Rate_P has to be < 0.100 and Rate_D about 0.005 IIRC.

Try following the tuning guide, and if you can install SimonK firmware on the ESCs, or BLHeli if they aren't AVR.

I got back to my small tiny micro-quad and managed to get to a reasonable balance with the following parameters:

RATE_P: 0.03

RATE_D: 0.005

I would have done some more fine tuning if my flying skills had been better... unfortunately a pretty hard landing on the side had the final word : chassis broken... :-(

Thanks all anyway, it's been a very useful tuning exercise in any case!


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