Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch Troubleshooting for CHDK Pixhawk trigger setup 3DR X8+

Hi All,

   I'm setting up a Pixhawk/CHDK trigger circuit using a BEC and Turnigy receiver controlled switch.  Everything is set per posts galore.  I've got a BEC that provides 5V to the AUX power rail.  The Turnigy receiver controlled switch shares a common ground with the BEC and is plugged in to the AUX 5 port of the Pixhawk.  Mission Planner configuration checks good.  Here's what I get:

1.  AUX 5 is providing a 3.3V signal when I select "Trigger camera NOW" via Mission Planner.  Thus, I'm sure the Mission Planner configuration is correct.

2.  The BEC is providing 5V to the AUX power rail.

3.  The Turnigy switch functions in mode II (switch off) and mode III (switch on) when set via the jumpers and proves that my circuit is functional (hence, my test LED illuminates).  However, it does not work in mode I (last situation) or mode IV (on/off alternately).

I have been troubleshooting this thing for hours.  At this point I don't know what else to try.  I am hoping that the Turnigy receiver controlled switch is bad and that all I need is a replacement.  I'm posting this in hopes that someone can confirm or deny my suspicions.

Just for fun, here are some pictures.  Thanks for reading.  Please reply if you've found my mistake or had a similar issue with a suspicious Turnigy receiver controlled switch.


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Update: I received and tried two new turnigy receiver controlled switches. Neither of them worked as advertised. Interestingly, if I installed them in the failsafe "ON" position, the relay would remain open until the first 5v pulse, then remain closed until disconnected.
So I gave up on the turnigy switches. I put together a protoboard version of Marco's circuit (http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/using-aux-pins-as-relays-for-chdk...). It works beautifully. My advice: don't waste your time with the turnigy receiver controlled switches.

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