Hi! The arducopter wiki (http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/Quad_Radio) indicates the AP INPUTS (on the Ardupilot Mega) channel 4 and 5 (counting from 0) are dedicated to the GPS hold and Autopilot control respectively. The connector provided by the arducopter airframe+electronic kit has these two channels color coded yellow.


I have a turnigy 9x transmitter/receiver radio system. On the turnigy receiver channels 5 thru 9 needs to be mapped out to specific switches. Looking at the different options, AUX-CH has the following THRO HOLD, GEAR,PIT TRIM, HOV THRO, HOV PIT. All these options can be assigned to each of channels 5 thru 9.


Questions: for those with similar radio system:

1. Which channel did you map out for the GPS hold and AUTOPILOT CONTROL on the Turnigy 9x?

2. Which of the available options/switches did you assign for the GPS hold and AUTOPILOT?

3. The AUTOPILOT CONTROL refers to altitude hold, right?



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You have it a little confused. Inputs 4 and 5 on the APM are dedicated to AUX and GPS hold, however, you can plug them into your RC receiver to any channel above 4 you want. I have my GPS hold plugged  into channel 7 of my receiver, which is a switch on my transmitter and I have the mode or (Aux) plugged into channel 5 on my receiver which is assigned to another switch on my transmitter. You can have the GPS hold and Aux plugged into any combination of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 in your case.


So basically this is what you should end up with. The 6 pin connector plugs into the APM and then those leads go to your receiver.

Keep this thread updated on your progress :)



i have Ch5 set to GEAR and CH6 set to THRO HOLD, so thats the top/front/right switch and the top/rear/left switch.. or GYR & FLP as it shows in the display...


currently experimenting with using the two top dials for a manual pan/tilt camera mount on CH7 & 8.


the 9x is a really great price, but not a good idea for someone like me who's only used to 3 ch RC car radios..  starting to think i should have bought that DX8 i fancied after all :)



After I got your response, I found a relevant entry in the wiki stating


"By using the mode switching abilities of the ArduCopter you can change the flight behavior of your drone either by programming fixed values or simply by additional channels of your Rx/Tx. I.e. you could

  • RC channel 5 "Aux 1" to switch between acrobatic and stable mode
  • RC channel 6 "Gear" for enabling the GPS Position Hold mode"

Observations made from the configurator and confirmed by another entry in the forum indicated RC channel 6 to be tied up with the throttle that as you increase throttle, the arducopter will automatically shift from stable to acro mode. I ended up using RC channel 5 (thro hold) for mode and RC channel 7 (gear for aux).


JP9 I have the same sentiment with regard to using the TGY 9X not with regards to using another 8/9 channel transmitter but the confusing array of menu you have to be aware of and buttons you have no idea how to activate like the F MODE toggle switch. Thanks for sharing as well.

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