I suspect my airspeed indicator is under reading as it was consistently below the GPS groundspeed.

I was trying to be cleaver and export the tlog into a spreadsheet and take averages of airspeed and groundspeed for the entire flight, hopefully eliminating wind error and giving me some estimation of magnitude( but the CSV import just ends up like spaghetti). At the higher speeds I suspect it may be 10m/s error, and the stall at 8m/s was probably a little slow (expecting 10).

Can someone advise me on the ARSPD_RATIO parameter? Which way, and how much should I tweak it for starters?

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O bu**er, there is also ARSPD_OFFSET to consider as well.


Just realised that this is an self-zeroing thing on APM boot.


I recently read here in another thread that the original poster had received a pitot tube that had a defective sealing between the pitot tube and the static air tube. You too may have received a defective one. I believe this defect would cause the symptoms you've described. Good luck

Perhaps you mean my answer to This post. Yes it was defective (suspect many are made this way) but is now fixed. I am just trying to apply a slight correction. Will try an ARSPD RATIO of 2.2 instead of default 1.994 and see how it goes.

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