Has anyone out there experimented or experienced with two video transmitters on one uav? I'm thinking putting 2.4ghz and a 1.2ghz transmitter on my airplane. One will have a zoom cam with pan and tilt and the other will display my apm telemetry and be pointed out straightish for flight. I will have two 19" screens displaying the videos. I'm wondering if I would have crazy interference with the two mounted on one uav. My controls a rimlec I'm not sure but I think it's safe with the 1.2ghz. I mY just order the 1.2 and if it interferes use it on another. Thank you for your time.

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We use two video transmitters, one for FPV and one for DSLR view.  The pilot can fly via the FPV cam while the director can view the footage, focus, zoom, direct shots, turn the camera, etc.  I haven't noticed any real issues.  We never travel very far from takeoff so we are only using 900mhz.

Sealed the deal thank you.

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