I was sitting in the hanger today thinking about I can use $600 a apm Uav, to preform a job
 a multithousand $ aircraft dose…
Could I start a small business performing arial advertising using a apm Uav system?
Certainly I can LOOOWWWWWWW BALLLLLLLLLL every aircraft based advertising company by thousands!
I found some FAR's regarding banner towing, but im not sure if they pertain to me, or my aircraft?
Also flying at the beach at low altitude 50-100ft.

So what do y'all think?
Is it a good idea, or a bad idea?
Is it legal or illegal?

Blimp advertising is around $20K+

Even a contracted banner pulled by a piper is a $2000 + $500-900 every flight for gas/insurance/pilot

I was thinking is I could fabricate a custom banner, and used a multi-copter to lift it and fly it real slow off the beaches, I could really start my own business! $5 per min. of flight? 20min flight on the beach, (you know everyone will pay attention to a multicopter on the beach) = $100 a flight.

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Best you do some GoogleFu no you can't start any UAS business in the USA.

I would be careful on the Internet, you are basically documenting your crime, but as far as the actual work, I would just do what you want.  Maybe if you get caught, the CIA will give you a job.  It's now a crime in LA to throw a frisbee or football on the beach, so I quit taking the laws serious around here at all!  The people making them (many I use to know) believe laws are for the cattle of america (normal people)...  Sad but true..


Yeah I forgot about that one about UAS companies within america…
Ok well what if I take the Autonomous features out? Then its just an rc plane with stabilization, which is carring
Or towing a banner?
That is rediculus and seems extreamly unconstitutional about the no throwing frisbees and footballs in LA.

Well, the frisbee football ordinance lasted less than 24hrs.  The city was inundated with outraged people of all walks:)  Thank goodness 'cause I think that would have been a real problem for the city and anyone in law enforcement.  I know people who said, that was the last straw for them.  
Anyways, the city council rather than say they take it back, said they never issued the ordinance and that frisbee and football throwing are legal and never were illegal.  Strange, though it made all the local and national news..  Liars:-(  This is why I have the same respect for the city they show me (basically none).. 

Once the rules are in place, I can see this (and have thought about it extensively too) being useful in venues where a full sized aircraft isn't needed or wanted.

You'll have to fly closer to the viewers, as your banner won't be nearly as big as what a souped up Cessna can drag, so there really is a scale you can follow.

An R/C blimp would be awesome for high-school football and other limited size sporting events (been done, too... just "need rules" ;)  , an airplane would do the same job as a fullsized plane, but will have to stay closer to the crowd for the message to be readable.

Lots of opportunities to be had, once the bureaucrats get their heads unwedged from their nethers.

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