We have a $2,500 student grant to experiment with using a UAV guided via telemetry or FPV for wild horse counting. Our initial approach is that of a "CropCam" type of set up but with Head Tracking FPV as well to double up on the counting.


Need advise on what you all feel the best (Affordable) aircraft could be used. As you see, the project budget is limited for the students. We will pirate parts we alrady have etc..


Some aircraft we are looking at is actually a glider, but are leaning more toward a high wing heavy lifter packing a ton of batteries. We will be hiking in, deploying it to an altitude of (Overall) observation of a given field etc. IF we see horses, we will get in closer and re-deploy and try for a photostitch method and count in post map phases..


Opinions, ideas, suggestions?


Reply direct to info@aerosight.com



Thanks buds!



Dave Skala

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you may be better off with a quad platform because a glider will need clear space to land in. if the fields you mention have area's around them with no tree's (and i do mean no trees) then a glider type may be better as it would fly longer. also you may want to think about how your going to charge the batteries of whatever you end up using.

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