I have a developed a sensor network which detects gunshots for anti-poaching purposes. When a gunshot is detected, the event data is sent to a sensor server for further analysis and triangulation of the gunshot location.

I want to incorporate my UAV’s in this concept with as little human interaction as possible, no manual transfer of event waypoints, no manual take-off etc. The entire system must be automated. The Aircraft will be switched on and docked on a catapult launcher which will be controlled by a microcontroller.  The APM telemetry link will be established and connected to GCS which might be either on the same machine as the sensor server or a different machine.

The entire process will be as follows,

  1. Get event data from the sensor network
  2. Triangulate the gunshot source and provide a GPS coordinate.
  3. Generate a UAV script which might look as follows:

    TAKEOFF (from home position)

    LOITER @ -24.123456, 24.123456 (until a new command is issued via APM or failsafe gets triggered)

  4. Send this UAV script to APM planner or directly to the Aircraft
  5. Do a MISSION START command
  6. Send command to launch controller to release Aircraft

How can I do the following?

  1. Send a Take-Off command and waypoint information (UAV script) directly to the Aircraft or to APM Planner
  2. Initiate the Mission Start Command from a script immediately after the Waypoint upload has been confirmed
  3. Can a TCP port for commands from other software be opened in APM Planner

I hope I am clear in my requirements.

Has anyone done something similar already?

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