We are a startup company in Canada that will eventually have operations in the US and elsewhere. We are looking for someone with experience with both fixed wing UAVs and copters. Ability to trouble shoot a plus. 

Joe Zamudio

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If a company is fine, just keep in contact with Event38.com.

Good luck.


has anything helps if the COFDM wireless video transmission systems works well?
long range distance and NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT transmission ?

Hello Joe,

I'm looking for a new UAV projects for joining as design engineer.

Have a good day
Andrei Popov

Interested for the Canadian startup opportunity, contacted.

Hello Joe,

I am based in Vancouver, working with APM/Pixhawk/DJI A2/A3, LIDAR, BVLOS systems, etc.  Full electronics lab and CNC machine shop. Generally building large commercial aircraft. 40 years exp as a systems engineer.

Interested in discussing what you are looking for.  I sent a message request to allow private messages.

Don Gibson

HighCee Technologies, Inc.

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