UAV inspection helps the “Power Silk Road” to be smoother

West Power East is one of the landmark projects in the development of the western region. Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project, as one of the landmark projects of West-East Power Transmission, is also the world's largest design and construction of the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, the most advanced technology level. UHV transmission project. This project has set a new height in the world's power grid technology and opened a new era in the development of UHV DC transmission technology.

According to reports, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project is the "Power Silk Road" connecting Xinjiang and East China. It can send 66 billion kWh of electricity to East China every year, and can light up 400 million kW of electric lights at the same time. Meet the electricity demand of 50 million households in East China. At the same time, it can reduce coal transportation by 30.24 million tons. If it is calculated by train capacity, it needs 25,000 thousand 20-car trains. It is of great significance for winning the blue sky defense war, promoting Xinjiang's economic development, and implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative.

How to ensure the continuous power supply security of the "Power Silk Road"? On September 1st, the reporter took this question into the hinterland of the Gurbantunggut Desert in Jimsar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and visited the circuit inspection of the Xinjiang Power Grid. From afar, the ±1100 kV high-voltage direct current transmission is much larger than the ±750 kV high-voltage line insulator. The tower is directly inserted into the sky, which is very spectacular. Under the tower, the sound of the current can be clearly heard. Going deep into the desert hinterland, the sand and gravel are soft, plus the high temperature of 37 degrees. The reporters who walked lightly and loaded are very difficult to walk. I can imagine the hard work of the power inspectors.

UAV patrol ±1100 kV Changji-Guquan UHV DC transmission line

“In the past, in order to protect the power security of the main grid, we mainly used manual inspection methods. Now we use drones to conduct inspections to ensure personnel safety and improve work efficiency.” Chen Hui, head of the State Grid Xinjiang Power Grid Navigation Center Tell the reporter that the line spans the Tianshan Mountains. Nearly 80% of the towers are located in the mountainous areas. Due to the steep mountain and cliffs and other factors, some tower personnel cannot reach the line. The daily inspection work of the line cannot be carried out, so the drone inspection is required.

"In the past, a base tower needs 2-3 people to check the tower for about one and a half hours to complete. Now it is used for drone inspection. The two people only need about 15 minutes." State Grid Xinjiang Power Grid Navigation Center Kay. This has greatly improved the efficiency of work and made our "air dancers" more secure. The most important drones provide clear and effective specimen data for drone inspection systems through acquisition modules with various functions (such as high-definition cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc.). For the harsh environment such as Snow Mountain and Gobi, the high mobility of the drone has its unparalleled advantages. Increasing the participation of drones can effectively supplement the problem of insufficient coverage and monitoring of terminals, and improve the utilization of resources of hardware and software.

UAV application power inspection site

Chen Hui told reporters that the participation of drones in power inspection has the advantages of saving labor costs, improving safety factor and efficiency, and bringing about changes in the working mode of power inspection and maintenance. The traditional electric power inspection requires the inspectors to arrive at the scene in the mountains and waters, which is not only inefficient, but also has the risk of working at height. The efficiency and safety of drone inspection are higher, and large-scale and intelligent operation can be realized, which greatly improves the reliability of power grid operation and ensures the safe operation of the power grid.

According to reports, the current state network Xinjiang company has successively put a variety of different models of MMC drones into the circuit inspection. However, in the routine inspection of ordinary high-voltage circuits, they mostly use the Notuzi X85 model, and the MMC Skylle 1550 model was used in the inspection of the Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV high-voltage DC transmission project. The MMC Skylle 1550 has an intelligent control system and excellent flight performance. The fuselage is reliable and durable, and can adapt to harsh environments such as high altitude and small micro-meteorological changes in high altitude areas. Equipped with self-heating dual battery system, it can automatically heat up in low-temperature environment, it can work normally in cold weather as low as -20 °C up to 50 °C, and its lifetime is up to 38 minutes. The system Photon A10 can realize the transmission distance of 10 km, and can automatically select and switch between the two communication bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz according to the environment, and the anti-interference ability is enhanced. It can work stably in wind and rain, dust or high temperature and cold, providing high-reliability control. In addition, the Skylle 1550 can quickly locate the damaged part by using the Thyea Z40 zoom camera or the ZT40 thermal imaging camera, and support the manual re-inspection in the background, so that the line inspection of the UHV line no man's land can be carried out smoothly, compared to the tower. The telescope is more reliable. Thyea ZT40 infrared temperature measurement function can find potential hidden troubles in the wire. Thyea Z40 40x zoom can help them break the insulation, loose screws, metal skew and other details, thus shortening the fault judgment time.

As the world's leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMC has been committed to driving technological innovation and striving to expand the social value of technology applications. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the application of drones in various industries. MMC has devoted itself to hard work, and has won numerous achievements in the power inspection market with its solid industry experience and technical strength. It is the largest supplier of China National Grid. The only supplier of China Guodian Wind Energy Inspection, the largest supplier in the public security fire field, the largest supplier of Sinopec and the second-largest supplier of China Southern Power Grid. At present, the MMC drone has covered the first-line team of 27 network units of the State Grid and the five provincial companies of China Southern Power Grid.

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