Can anyone identify this Drone for me, does it have a name ??

Also are there any plans around for some one like me to scratch build one.

Last question any rough dimentions of this beast.

Any other plans for any Drone would be good to please.



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Best you can do is to contact Simon Butterworth and ask him. I have not seen any plans for it but he built that one afaik.
He's an Australian I think, he dosent release any plans though, ( and I dont blame him ) the span is pretty big, I don't think you will fly this with an electric motor
Thanks Jonny,
Yeah looks like he's only a couple of thousand miles from me in Oz

Electric not for this one, i'm planning something the same size with gas engine, got the approx size off a Youtube clip, and cc size,

Now to look for some 3 views

Thanks Ben
Hi Ben,
The drone is called "AusSky" and we are the manufacture for it, if you are looking at purchasing one then please done hesitate to discuss your requirements with us.
This must a Pakistani drone named Uqaab. Its my guess though, not certain.
i have been looking for the ST model cessna skymaster for awhile. are they completely discontinued? i cant find them anywhere! i was thinking a single brushless motor in the rear for my tiny 2.11.
Doesn't HobbyLobby still sell the ST 337?

I am working on the Raidentech/Nitromodels 81" Cessna 337 for my UAV project.

I still have not decided what type of B/Lmotor I will use to replace the 2 x..46 nitros they recommend for this model.
no they no longer stock them.
It's a project by a couple guys here in South Australia based on the Shadow platform. They had issue with the inverted V-Tail config so they re-designed it with the H-Tail configuration.

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