Can anyone identify this Drone for me, does it have a name ??

Also are there any plans around for some one like me to scratch build one.

Last question any rough dimentions of this beast.

Any other plans for any Drone would be good to please.



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Hi Guys,
This UAV is definitely not a Uqaab and Stikmunkey has it correct. Our UAV is called AusSky and is designed and manufactured by us at Avitus UAV Systems here in Australia. Our UAV is commercially available and if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask. We should have our web site up soon with full details on the platform.
What was the issue with the inverted-v? I'd have thought that was close to optimal.
Hi Mike,

The issue we had was yaw stability, when you threw in a rudder doubler techinique it would yaw oscillate approx. 8 times before it became stable again. The aircraft would fly, but we wanted an airframe that was more stable.
I think if the V-tail was taller, it would certainly improve this issue.
Yes, that's what I would try too, along with perhaps an increase in tailplane area. I've seen theories predict a V-tail will have less area, but by the time development is done, the area always ends up the same as a conventional tail. (I still like them for their reduced interference drag and pro-verse yaw characteristics.)

Thank you for adding the in-flight picture!
The link to the plans doesn't work. just saying.
Sam R.
Hi, can you send bigpro_1 plan to me ? Because is not working. My e-mail:


I have made download of the file and dont "unzip" .... the message of computer is that de file is corrupted !

Anybory have a file to sent ?

Sent you the plan to to mail id Leandro. I have modified the Fuse for larger cockpit space. I can send those too.

Thank you Ujjwal John,

I had received your e-mail and attached file ! 

Did you fly with this model ? What you think about it ?

Did you have some pictures about it ? Please, sent to my e-mail.

I very happy to get it ... Thank you so much for sending the file.

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