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Could you please share some information about on board starter installation on a two-stroke UAV engine (3W 28i) ?

I need some data on such starter's manufacturers. Searching the internet does not give any success. For example, "FEMA-Starter" does not appear while searching through the internet. You should just know it...

So it would be very nice if You share some "favourites" from your internet browser or something like this. :)


This topic (on-board starters) is not very popular, may be you have some cool forum-discussions about this issue.


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There just are not very many of these out there, just like there are not many fuel flow indicators, or fuel gauge telemetry systems, etc.


Try the Toni Clark web page , and downlod the product catalog


Thanks for replies.

There arn't that many, the other option is Sullivans, their UAV department does it. Ion the other hand need to build/design one for our university's UAV. Power is really a problem if you stay up anything more than 2 hours.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, please do post them. My main problem is using a brushless for the starting and after that using it as a generator.

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