hi guys, 

i am embarking on program of surveying large area of agricultural land approx 1200ha a day for 6000ha plots thus 5 days work, this is to produce both RGB and NIR, images at the same time to gather a NDVI, for the crop, and in some instances creating a DSM for specific areas.

i have been doing some research on the different platforms to take these images ranging from the gatewing, eBee, Zephyr, and sky walker, and many others in between,  i was wondering if anyone can comment on the differences, pros and cons of the different UAV platforms for taking these photos, the gatewing is a nice unit but expensive and worried that the camera it not gyrostabalised, 

i would like to incorporate both cameras onto 1 unit, is this possible and is it nessessary, can this be done on a platform geared for 1 camera?

i am worried about the stability when taking photos, any guidance from past experiences would be greatly appreciated


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Check out......


let me know if you need more info




The only small uas commercially available with a camera gimbal as far as I know is from Pteryx. I believe their platform can accomodate two cameras as well.

I offer a plane right now that's able to carry one camera and could cover your required area in 5 x 50 minute flights per day (assuming about 5cm/pix resolution). I'm also working on a larger platform that could carry the two cameras, drop me a line if you're interested jeff@event38.com.

I have a plane in the prototype stage, and am working on a commercial version.  it could fulfill your requirement. version 2 will be just an airframe for the near future, but on capable of carrying 2 cameras efficiently, and for 2 plus hrs. it is very stable so no need for gyro stab. in my opinion.  check it out, and let me know what you think.


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