Hi guys my first post here.

Me and a friend of mine is working on designing a low cost mid range drone for agricultural and law enforment use here in Jamaica.

The range we are hoping to achieve is 100km radius with a max altitude of 12,000 feet and a cruise altitude of about 9000 feet. Maximum speed should be about 100kph with a cruise speed of about 70kph and a stall speed of 25kph. The craft should be able to carry up to 8 pounds of payload including a gimbal btc 88r camera and 10x 50mm smoke grenades(for the marking of objectives for ground units during search and rescue). The system should also be able to transmit video signal along its entire flight radius to a semi mobile base

The specs we came up for this is the following:

23 ft wingspan
9ft fuselage length
25 pounds empty weight, 42 pounds full
An 8 hp engine running in at about 5 pounds in weight

I have a mockup drawing(done in paint and working to implement in cad) will post that at a later date.

We are planning to build a 1/3 scale model for testing starting July. The test model will have everything except the gimbal camera and should have a range radius of about 10km. We are planning to use a version of arduino for this but will use a more sophisticated autopilot for the full design.

What do you guys think?

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I build and flew something similar to you need...

Horace: All good points you make and certainly, if your goals include improving the knowledge and skill base for the local community and building capacity in this area, then developing your own solution is a reasonable approach to take. I would suggest though that hiring in some key people to enable knowledge transfer would be a sound approach - while your local scientific and engineering community may have a sound base upon which to learn, it's always a lot less painful when you're being taught by (or can observe) an expert, rather than following the trial and error approach.

Sorry for my absence I have been busy on some other stuffs so I was not able to update you guys. We have made several modifications to our design and is now looking to build a model that has a maximum range of 25km and a flight duration of upwards of 3 hours. My designer is still working on the model and we will share it as soon as possible.

I am now accelerating development because of the arrival of a "competition".. that is in quotes for a certain reason.

BTW could the two persons interested in providing technical advice please contact me?

What exactly you mean?

interested in providing technical advice

As in: Help with finalizing an airframe design

Every job cost a money. You ready for pay?

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