I found some notes at www.acma.gov.au. Does this sound as though UAV telemetry at 900 MHz is allowed in Australia?


Are the Arduino devices spread spectrum?

From ACMA:

Frequency bands and power limits for spread spectrum and digital modulation devices


Frequency band (MHz)

Maximum equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP)

Frequency hopping transmitters and digital modulation transmitters

915 to 928

1 watt (frequency hopping transmitters must use a minimum of 25 hopping frequencies)

Frequency hopping transmitters

2400 to 2483.5

500 milliwatts (a minimum of 15 hopping frequencies must be used)


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I just found out that the Xbee rf tx would be a no go (unless modified) due to it overlapping with GSM mobile phone network.

From ACMA in Aus:
Please note: the Australian 900 MHz ISM band is strictly limited to 915 MHz – 928 MHz. Australian mobile telephone carriers operate their GSM mobile telephone networks between 890 MHz and 915 MHz so operating at or below 915 MHz will almost certainly interfere with these services. Severe criminal and civil penalties exist for interfering with licensed services.

From Xbee datasheet:
Frequency band: 902 - 928 MHz
and no C-tick (Aus certification)

Maybe someone here knows how to modify????
has anyone here got anymore info on this please i have a xbee pro900mhz and sparkfun say its fine to use but the frequency does overlap the mobile phones is there a way i can fix it

thanks Michael but my problem is im told i cannot use the xbee unless i can limit transmission to 915 to 928 mhz

they say i can be prosicuted if i use them here

sorted thanks to Toni at Spark Fun :)

I asked a similar question in another forum yesterday


What did you find out?


This would be interesting to know





Hi Peter yes we can use 900mhz in aust i recevied conformation from the ACMA but we can only use 915 MHz to 928 MHz so if your using a XBee Pro 900 you must load the correct firmware the one that comes shipped from the states will get you in all sorts of trouble heres a link to the firmware http://www.digi.com/support/productdetl.jsp?pid=4884&osvid=0&am... and load the 21061 firmware  

 heres a link to more info that can help http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2009C00545

so im happy i contacted them now and can leagly use 900mhz :)

on a note i asked about video links and we can only use 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz the use of 1.2ghz in oz is highly iliegal and attracts a huge fine and garenteed jail time

hope this helps 

thanks for contribution tazmadman, it seems to help a lot, especially that firmware to enable xbee pro 900
Let's see you are using cellphone right ? it's YOUR device and using 900mhz band :) it totaly legal i think. but if your country still using 900mhz band there can be problems about your transmition.

btw i cant belive there are places which still using 900mhz band :)

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