I'm working for environmental and anti poaching organizations in Africa. The problem is that there is often not enough personnel to patrol the entire area. We're loosing a lot of game.

We're therefore looking for a low cost, affordable reconnaissance UAVs as an alternative to more expensive existing UAV systems or manned airplanes.

It should possess the following attibutes: 

- operational range of 3 km

- weatherproof design that can resist hot temperatures



- real time video transmission

- cost between $1000 - $ 3000

Could you recommend us any models? 

Thank you, man! Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Quite a bit happening in the way of this:



There's not a huge amount of technical info on either program, however.


I'm currently starting up a project to build drones and supply them to nature reserves in Southern Africa.

Here is my Indiegogo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/droning-for-rhinos/x/1554456


Quadcopter with a submachine gun


In response to President Obama’s Executive Order
on Wildlife Protection, Kashmir-Robotics is
hosting the Wildlife Conservation unmanned aerial
vehicle (UAV) Challenge to foster innovation and
invention in the design, fabrication, and utilization of
unmanned aircraft to assist with counter poaching
and illicit wildlife trafficking. It calls on students,
hobbyists, academics, and corporations to cooperate
in a Build & Fly challenge that emphasizes the
integration of sensors, embedded systems, and
communications in a robust and high endurance

The Challenge is based on simulated wildlife
poaching and trafficking activities. Each Challenge
Scenario will be composed of three phases.
Phase One - teams will propose a concept that
includes aircraft, sensors, embedded systems,
communications, and operational concepts.
Phase Two - teams will fabricate their aircraft and
demonstration air worthiness and safety at their local
AMA flying fields.

Phase Three - teams will compete in the challenge
scenario. Specific details of the challenge scenario
will not be released until the morning of the
competition, so teams will need to be prepared to
adjust flight profiles, sensor parameters, and data
processing as needed.

Evaluations will be based on performance of the
aircraft and ability of the aircraft systems to support
the mission.

The winning UAV will participate in counter-poaching
missions throughout South African National Parks.
Monetary and scholarship prizes will be awarded to
regional winners and National champions.


Speak to rchq and team wasp about drones they are based in white river 0798977571

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