Just got a uBlox5 GPS 4hz and the antenna seems to wiggle a bit (loose) - is that normal?

The design doesn't seem to be very reliable.


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Fortunately only the plastic cap is loose. It doesn't affect the sensitivity of the antenna.
OK thanks for that!

I may secure it with some silicone anyway.

BTW the antenna broke off by the time I get back to Australia...I manage to soldered it back on (I think), we'll see.
antenna broke off?!! not enough padding/packing ?? pls, let us know the result after test
Could you post pictures ?
See attached.

Should at least glue the antenna on to the board beside just the 3 soldering joints.
Have you tested uBlox under power yet, if you solder all connections, it should work well super glue should be fine.. Cheers Looks good..
I have not - will try as soon as I can get the DevBoard to load. I did use superglue to hold it in place. I may put a bit of epoxy anyway just to make sure.

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