uBlox EVK 7P and RTCM stream from a geodetic receiver

Hi all, 

I am a master student currently working for my thesis. I am investigating if its possible to monitor displacements with an uBlox receiver. One of the workflow I want to test is:

- geodetic receiver as base station sends out an RTCM 2.3 stream

- uBlox is my rover (connected to my PC via USB cable)

- internet on my laptop from my smartphone ( WiFi hotspot)

I encounter the following problem: 

Step1: Open u-center and connect the uBlox to my PC via USB

Step2: From u-center I go to ''Receiver'' menu then Network connection and then chose TCP option.

At this moment the USB connection is deactivated and I can't get the UBX message from the receiver when I connect to the RTCM stream and pressed the red button for record, everything is freezed, the counting of epochs stays at 0:00:00.

The connection itself works since I see the green icons in the graphic interface.

Another thing tested was to connect to the RTCM stream from RTK lib (input) and then selected as output Serial Port, unfortunately i cant send this to the USB port but only to COM1 (anyway, as far as I know Serial and USB ports are two different things ).

Please check the attached photos.

Can anyone help me ? What should I do in order to get the RTCM corrections? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.

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