Hi everyone,


I have always wanted to fly my Mavic Pro using my existing Surface 3 LTE and was disappointed by DJI not providing a solution for Windows tablets.


So I was pretty thrilled learning about UgCS and have done some testing in the last couple of days.


Let me first say that it is really a great product. I am amazed by the possibilities and would love to use it to plan and execute flights or just for feeding the Mavics Cam to the notebook.


However I have two issues for which I hope to find some help.


  1. When opening UgCS on the Surface 3 it goes to 100% CPU usage and never goes below that value again, The Surface 3 is based on the Atom X CPU and has 4 GB of RAM. Based on http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Atom-x7-Z8700-vs-AMD-Ath... it should be faster than the Athlon 64 X2 that is recommended in the UgCS user guide.

    When I then connect my Mavic via UgCS for DJI with the Surface, it is clearly unusable. Mouse pointer not following, waiting minutes for menus to open, etc. Clearly to dangerous to fly!

    Is this a common problem on this platform or is there anything I can do?

  2. I read all the manuals very carefully and am aware that I have to configure the video service config file to see the video feed from the Mavic Pro. I have also switched on the video feed on the Android phone and have connected the Surface 3 via the phones hotspot so that I can see the connected Mavic in UgCS. Battery level, GPS, all readings are fine.

    In the config file I have tried both
    vstreamer.inputstream.0=MavicPro;tcp://[phone IP] as well as
    vstreamer.inputstream.0=MavicPro;http://[phone IP]

    However I only get “Video : disconnected” in the UcGS app

    Has someone actually succeeded in getting  the Mavic’s video feed in UcGS ? Could you please share the exact line you put into the video config file?


Many thanks for your help !     


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I don't sure that we ever tested UgCS on Surface tablets. So we don't know how UgCS will work on it.

Please try following steps:

1. Switch on Battery saving mode:

2. stop and disable unnecessary UgCS components in UgCS Service Manager:

If you plan to use UgCS with DJI's only you need only UGCS Server and Geoserver.

I see that you need video - but please try to stop Video service also.

Vehicle emulator and ArduPilot VSM are necessary only if you will use internal UgCS drone emulator, during real flights they are not necessary.

If you will get acceptable performance without video - ask our support(at)ugcs.com how to use it with Mavic. From my experiance it should work without any additional configuration.


that was both quick and also very good advice!

The CPU usage has dropped from 100% to 30%-50% (w/o Mavic connected yet).

If I add the Video stream Server it goes up to 40%-60% so still ok.

I also found the page on ugcs.com on how to access the Video stream directly. I will give it a try tonight to get the stream info and try to connect directly with VLC.

I will report back with results...

So, after a couple of additional tests:

  • CPU stays at around 60% even with mavic connected. That should be safe for flight.

  • still unable to see Mavics Video feed. Both Surface's front and rear camera are available as streams. So I guess I still have the video config file wrong.   

    Will ask support(at)ugcs.com for help.



I see in our support system that our engineer has asked you for logs. Pretty standard question :).  Please send requested files to them.

Yes, thats great, will do.

Unfortunately I will not have a chance to do that before the weekend.

Problem Solved !

while preparing the log files I had a look into them  to see if I could find something odd. And indeed the log files from the phone had all sorts of error messages.

So I just tried it with another phone. Works like a charme.

So if anyone else is ever going to read this:

- what did not work for me : running UgCS on a phone with custom ROM LineageOS

- what works just fine : running UgCS on a phone with stock ROM (here: Samsung A3 (2017) Android 7)

And also there is no need to enter anything in the video config file. It will find he video stream automatically.

It's great! In my practice I never had to edit config files to see video - I use Samsung A5.


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