I'm currently working on a multirotor solution for carrying heavy weight payload (about 15-20 kg).
I'm looking for a frame that would support my multirotor design, the whole thing should weigh up to 40 kg (perhaps 50 kg in the future).
The only requirement for such frame is the abilty to carry around 40-50 kg while it's own weight should be minimal (around 2.5 kg would be ideal), no budget limitation.
I would love for some suggestions as I can't seem to find something adequate myself.
Thanks in advance!

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Still looking?

We can manufacture CNC products if interested which can hold the weight! 

email me if interested cf@3dcompare.com

This type of copter is very common now it's only a 110lbs nothing , I sell all the parts required for large and full sized people carrying multi copter motors, ESC, Battery, props and frame please PM me for consultation! 50kw 40kw 48v and 120v 







battery's are very expensive you need a lot of cells !


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