Any hints?  Is the procedure missing anything? I can arm the motors and spin it up but it wants to flip.

Safety first - Remove props!

  1. Disconnect USB
  2. Put the throttle high and connect the Lipo to power the APM
  3. When the APM boots the lights will cycle continuously
  4. disconnect the Lipo and reconnect it. High PWM will be sent to the ESCs triggering calibration
  5. Drop your throttle stick to the lowest position. You should hear confirmation/arming beeps. Move the throttle to confirm all ESCs are armed and working in sync.
  6. Unplug the battery. Your ESCs are now calibrated. No further action is required.

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Have you checked the motor directions are correct?

I updated the firmware to 2.1 via Ardupilot Mega Planner and the ESC calibration now works as advertised. Still no first flight but working on it...

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