I just recently got the pixhawk, i plugged it into the computer and the device drivers installed fine i then went to mission planner to try upload Arduplane to it. A dialog box appeared to unplug then replug it back in i did this and then says "Connecting" in the corner and after 10min it says "Error no response received from board". So now i followed the instuctions on this page and it still would not upload. I reinstalled the drivers for it with no luck and i even tried to upload the firmware with Mission Planner 2.0 still with no luck every time it gets as far as replugging in the pixhawk and then it stops. I have used to most recent driver files and it still will not work.



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Is the SD card firmly seated in its slot on the Pixhawk?

Did you connect up the speaker and the arming switch before trying to program the Pixhawk?


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

No i didn't use the speaker and button but i just tried it and it made no difference. I pressed it as well a few times with no difference.


i was having the same trouble...Tried everything.  reinstalled software multiple times, downloaded new drivers etc.  Then I read this and tried re-seating the sim card...and it worked!

Now i am stuck at the accerllerometer calibration screen....but hey one step further!

Hi I was just now having the same problem with the error to upload the firmware to pixhawk. then I started trying everything. Finally I was able to upload it. You need to go to wizard and select plane or another, then you need to have usb connected to the pixhawk and also the telemetry connected both to the pixhawk and the PC. make sure you select 115200 on the link. You should be able to get it updated. Goodluck. 

EDIT:   I tried a few times and everything works now... I would REALLY like to know why it only works some of time.

Any luck fixing this problem?   I was able to upload mine but only after upgrading a a BETA version of mission planner several weeks ago.   When I upgraded to version 1.3.1 I figured it was just the Beta going live WRONG! something changed and I couldn't upload again.  I heard that the Pixhawk could be sensitive to the Micro SD card type and after messing around for WAY more time than I would like to admit I bought a new sandisk Ultra level 10 Micro sdcard and I was able to load it up.  

I just flashed my TH-9X transmitter to use Open TX so I decided to re-do the calibration.   When it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to version 1.3.4 I knew it was a bad Idea but I figured I survived the last upgrade I would survive this one... WRONG.

I am back to no being able to connect to Pixhawk at all and the LED light on the Pixhawk never lights up at all.    I am not in a good mood tonight but I will experiment to try and figure our whats wrong


I had similar problems. The solution was to go from a laptop to a PC with a stable 5V on the USB.

My LHS told me to use the LiPo with the power modul. When prompted to remove the USB cable, remove the LiPo first, then the USB, then click o.k. then connect USB, then connect LiPo.

I also experienced this and this forum thread solved it for me:


The trick was to press the reset button instead of unplugging the USB, when MP wants to upload.

I had the same problem with a recently purchased Pixhawk and this worked for me as well. (reset button)


I had the same problem, and this did it for me. I had also disconnected everything except the switch and buzzer. I just left it connected, hit the OK button, then pushed the FMU reset button. All worked like a charm. Thanks for the hint.

I see there are a few suggestions for solutions already but I will add mine for those that got through all the other suggestions without success like I did. Mines a simple one. CHECK THAT YOU HAVE USED THE RIGHT CABLE FOR THE GPS, I used the wrong one, the arduplane firmware loaded and worked fine but with no gps but the arducopter firmware wouldn't work at all.Changed the cable and all is working as it should do now. 

I had a similar problem.

I switched to a different USB cable and it worked. Seems to me some USB cables are different.

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