Hello all,

I am currently working on a final year project about an AUV (Autonomous underwater vehicle). I am facing difficulties due to my lack of knowledge in electronics. (I am a mechanical student by the way.)

The purpose of my project is to come up with an AUV that detect different signals and move towards the selected siganl. I have a budget of 400 usd.

I've had a look online. My initial plan was to have 4 sonar beacons in the north-south-east-west directions with the AUV having a sonar. Is there any alternative?

I would like to incorporate the following:
-DCCduino / CH340 Arduino NANO
-Motion sensor to avoid obstacles
-Datalogger to record sensor responses
-Propulsion via 1 x 12V brushless DC motor

I'm thinking of using legos to build the AUV.

To sum it up, I need some general advice mainly in the configuration portion and arduino coding. (Is MATLAB feasible?)

I deeply appreciate any suggestions for this project. Thank you for your time.

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