Unexpected motor glitches (speed up) with Tri Hex and Octo APM 2 & APM 2.5 using 2.73

It seems since going to 2.7 and up to 2.73 I am having uncontrollable glitches with the motors. I think I have isolated everything, no bullet connectors, checked the amperage draw of the 880 motors to see if bearings could be the problem.
I have 2 units, TriHex & Octo with 1 inch carbon fiber tubing for the arms, exhibiting the same glitches, I don't know what's causing it. This morning I flew the TriHex for about 10 seconds and about 5 feet high and suddenly it rolled completely over upside down all within less than a second and broke 5 props, anybody else having this problem or a solution. I'm not flying anymore until I have a fix.....I see 2.74 is in the works but don't see anything that would fix this....Don

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Sounds like you've been 3dr'd

Have you enabled Motors in your logs and checked the logs for that flight.

It can really reveal what is happening. I just went into the CLI and enabled ALL under LOGS.

It has indicated a bad Tx where I would never have picked it.

Just look at the motor outs and look for spikes, check roll_in, pitch_in etc and look for spikes,

Something told the motors to spike like that and the logs can lead you to what is causing it.

Thanks Doug, I have "motors" and "raw" enabled along with several others. I will dump/erase all my existing logs and then I should be able to see the results of all...Not sure how to do that, thanks for the help.....Don

Don, When you connect with 'Log Download' another dialog box opens with a CLI interface AND graphics buttons. You will have the option to erase logs there. They can be erased by the main CLI also... a bit more tricky but still intuitive once you get the hang of the interface.

There will also be buttons referencing 'KML' items. Those are for using Google Earth to plot graphics of the flight.

At some point an item-by-item feature of the MP will be published.. .and promptly be out of date with the next release. ;)


I enabled motors and raw and tried to fly this morning. I could not fly it as it was twitching and glitching so bad on the ground with the motors, some of the legs were raising momentarily it was so bad. It was connected for only a few minutes. One of the motors was still pinging, usually takes longer for that one to connect. I'm not sure how to read the logs, but I will attach if you can help, thanks.........Don


Sounds like you have RF interference or a bad connection. Check all of you r cables and disconnect any telemetry radio.


Here is the motors log, thanks............Don


The .log files downloaded form the APM are the ones with the detail of what the board is doing.

The .tlog only has what the copter is doing without the details of sensor values, etc.

Can you post the .log files?

Can I get them off my hard drive, or do I get them connected thru MP, thanks.....Don

These are the logs you get when you use Terminal/Download Logs in the MP.

The logs are what the APM actually saves while operating and will appear in your Mission Planner/Logs folder with the suffix .log

The date and time stamp on them is, however, the date and time you download them, not the date and time of the flight.

Also in terminal is Log Browse which opens these logs and allows you to graph any of the saved data. It is well worth learning to do as it reveals a lot.

Mike, not totally sure what I am doing, but this is the only file I can find with a log extention with the date/time stamp of when I downloaded/dump. The rlog & tlog, I sent earlier are the times of the flight, almost a day earlier. Let me know if this is the correct data, thanks..........Don


What may be confusing is the way Windoze hides some but not all extensions on files.

Here is a shot from the logs folder with some explanation


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