My APM Planner on WinXP (MAVlink 1.0 variant) keeps telling me it needs an update, but when I update the following happens:

  • It launches the MAVlink 0.9 version instead of the 1.0 version I originally launched
  • And then it tells me it needs another update...
  • Repeat several time until I give up and click "No".

In addition, when trying to do ACM configuration via the Firmware screen, it claims that some dll's are missing and I should probably unzip zome zip files.  I do that and then it's OK, only I don't know why it didn't do the unzip itself during the update.

Any idea?


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it failed because the planner stoped reciving the file half way though, as to the reason why, i got no idea.

I've uninstalled the software and re-installed the newest that was upload for mission planner.

This is different from what I had.  In my case, the update is smooth; it shows the "missing dll" messages only when you try to open the configuration screen.

Michael - being possibly the oldest APM1 pilot in the world (76), I have to admit that getting Ver. .9x to work with my flight tested APM1 is above my pay grade. If possible would you please restore Versions .80 and especially .84 to the downloads page? Me and my A/C can handle those.

If this is not possible would you please mail me a disk copy of these two versions for which I will gratefully add $20 to your personal "3:00am" web page contribution kitty.

Please help me complete my bucket list - time is of the essence.


Mike Cowan


KIRKWOOD MO 63122-6174


Cheers  _____________Mike Cowan Proj dev Eng for Harpoon Missile A/P (strapdown DCM 1970-73 and F/A-18 quad-redundant Digital FCS 1974-1980)


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