My APM Planner on WinXP (MAVlink 1.0 variant) keeps telling me it needs an update, but when I update the following happens:

  • It launches the MAVlink 0.9 version instead of the 1.0 version I originally launched
  • And then it tells me it needs another update...
  • Repeat several time until I give up and click "No".

In addition, when trying to do ACM configuration via the Firmware screen, it claims that some dll's are missing and I should probably unzip zome zip files.  I do that and then it's OK, only I don't know why it didn't do the unzip itself during the update.

Any idea?


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Yes. It's a bug. It relaunches the mav o.9 version.

Run c:\program files(x86)\APM Planner\ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe
1.1.93 Mav 1.0 is current.

If the planner is installed using the newest msi, icons for both 0.9 and 1.0 will be put in your start menu

My installation started as 1.1.92 (insatlled from the .msi file), and updated itself to 1.1.93.  I'm complaining here about the endless update loop, about launching the wrong version after the update and about the need to do manual unzip.  None of the replies above answered that.

that will be fixed in next release


Don't get me wrong, the planner is a great product.  Having used the previous incarnations (based on the old AeroQuad GUI) I really appreciate the great advancement you have made!


My last auto-update yesterday loaded 1.1.94.  The infinite updates loop seems to be fixed.  However, I still got the "missing dlls" message on one occasion.  Quitting and re-launching the planner overcame this - so this is something intermittent.


ensure you have dot-net 3.5 installed.

Another anomaly.  Have run on MP .90 and APM1 very successfully, - loved it - responded to update - downloaded .92, and now on connect get error message - "this (ver) is for APM1 - you must upgrade your AP"    Sure got me puzzled - any fix available?


Mike Cowan

in the planner directory you will find to exe's
depending on your ap version you need to run either ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe or ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe, for all the latest firmwares you need to run ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe

I think I have the same problem, i am running dot-net 4 and on a brand new computer a Asus K53E.


that looks like an internet/connection problem with the internet

it is connected to the internet as you can see from the screen shot at the bottom left of the shot. Did I have to manually connect it to the internet?

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