I am having problem with upload command from flight data. Eg Change altitude, restart mission ect. I do not have this type of problem with the previous Mission Planner. When I try to change altitude, a fail massage window appear. I also can not write param to APM while flying. But if the plane had landed and close by my computer, there is no problem. Anyway I can establish connection between the two data modem with ease.

I'm using RDF900,  am I doing something wrong in 3dr radio setting ? Thanks for your help.

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I wouldn't add the ground plane until you test. You may screw up, via RF reflections, your Control Rx or Reflect VTx power in unwanted places.

The antennas below should be fine IF they are RPSMA and made well. Some of the Chinese stuff is junk. Seppo carries high quality items.

I have a pair of RD 900. I haven't installed it on my plane yet. My radio's shipped with 2 small ones and 2 big ones. I thought each radio got one off each is this not the case? Sorry to jump in the thread here...

U can do it the way u suggest but u will defeat having diversity. Ur system will always pick the higher gain antenna, the one u call the big one.
Btwm, if u really want some long range get his paper thin dipoles. They r lite n work very well! That's all I use on the air side now.

I don't know which is best I guess I just assumed a high gain antenna on each end would be good if possible. But I really don't know.

One interesting thing I noticed is I have an older version of mission planner that has the 3DR radio set up and the power options goes up to 30 unlike the newer versions that only go up to 20. I also noticed the RFD900 data sheet suggests a range of apron 10 miles. I think it used to say 30. Not sure why that is. But after I set mine to 30 it got noticeably warm. not hot.. but you could tell it was working at the 30 power level.  And yet another observation... another RFD900 with the same settings on the ground side does not get warm. I wonder if this is because the air side radio is doing all the 'talking'??

U should still be able to go to 30dBm. Use rfd900 tool if necessary. Yes, airborne is transmitting telem constantly.

not sure where to go? i'd love to check them out :)


Or http://store.rfdesign.com.au/rfdflex1-900mhz-flexible-pcb-antenna-3...
Where did u guys buy ur rfd900s if u r not familiar with main store?


i've been purchased the last 2 modems and 4 antennas from event38.com. US supplier, delivers in a couple days vs 1-2 weeks.

Just trying to keep you busy. ha Got mine here. rfd was out of stock at the time. thanks for the links!


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