URGENT Parts List for DJI F550 (hexacopter) running Pixhawk

looking for someone to look over our parts list for a project due in 3 weeks! FYI we've ordered everything on this list already...but still we'd need some help!

We tried to find arducopter hexacopter kit but could not find any (sold out or in Europe). So our last resort was to buy parts separately, due to our deadline. I'm sure we are missing some connectors and parts, etc. any help is appreciated!

Note: we've been lurking on a lot of forums and I know everyone recommends a quadcopter as a first drone build but please don't tell us to build a quadcopter!

Please check our understanding:
- the DJI has the power distribution board built in on the frame --> no need to buy PDB + connectors
- no need for BEC with the pixhawk
- no need to install a custom mount for the pixhawk on the dji frame
- what battery charger would you recommend for us?

Thanks in advance!!!

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It appears this system should work but I have no experience with this particular combo.

The write-up says the receiver is PPM compatible.

An additional search reveals you are correct. Receiver is PWM only.

I have used the Quanum i8 transmitter and companion receiver from Hobbyking with the Pixhawk. The system is reasonably priced. See the following link.


I see that the Quanum receiver has CPPM output. Just checking - that means we don't need a PWM encoder, correct?

Edit: Read the description again and verified that yes, I don't need one.

Thank you for the wonderful recommendations and assistance, David!!! I'll be ordering the Quanum kit you recommended.

No encoder required. Here's a picture of a setup that I use to demonstrate and answer questions about how drones work.

No telemetry in this setup.

Awesome!!! Thanks for the photo!!

By any chance, do you remember what kind of connector you used between the RCin and the receiver?

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