I have 2 Iris+ Quadcopters, and I'm considering selling one.  It's never crashed, just a roll over once which broke a prop (replaced, all in good condition).  Includes all the original accessories, except for the USB telemetry antenna for your computer, I somehow misplaced it.  According to the forums it's pretty easy to replace with a generic one, or 3DR branded one.  Who knows, they might ship you a single antenna if you ask.  I also added a bluetooth telemetry module which you can use in place of the telem antenna, or remove it.  I recently re-calibrated it so it's flying with awesome precision.  The one I'm selling has maybe an hour of flight time on it, max. 

I really like the Iris+, it's a great model and a blast to fly.  I just don't need the second one like I thought.  

PM me your offers and we'll discuss! 


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How much are you thinking?

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