I will be adding a peltier cooling module to a container to vent out heat. A ubec, which has a on/off servo wire attachment can turn the servo on/off.

  Question is: Is there a built in software thermostat in the PH 2 that can be linked to a servo out?


Charles C. Spencer III

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Ok I can take the advice. Here is what I got:

Then if you want to get it really fancy, you could use a small arduino type board in place of your thermal switch so you can program a PID loop to keep the temperature on a predefined value, in order to avoid temp oscillations (which could cause condensation for ex). WIth just an on/off switch you'll get temp oscillations.

In addition, it would be less expensive to buy an arduino type board in place of the ridiculously expensive Servo city RC switch  (35$!)

Why would you do that when you can just use the Pixhawk itself to do this?

Maybe because it would require modifying the Ardupilot code and that is no easy task and probably overkill for the objective. Maybe in the future a Pixhawk V3 architecture would provide a "companion computer" to easily develop and upload personal code without impacting the Ardupilot code?
Philip said:

Why would you do that when you can just use the Pixhawk itself to do this?

Is there already programming out there for the Arduino thermal switch to be used independently as a thermostat, or alternative like you mentioned? either way, as long as it is separate from the ph, ph2's then that will be great. Do not want to see added useless code to the units just for me.

Wouldn't be just for you... Heater code and cooling code has always been planned.

The whole point of this being an open project is to ensure that features like this become available to everyone.

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