Im considering fitting an apm 2.5 to a large mugen 50cc uav with 3m wingspan, my concern is vibration, I am firmiliar with the Panda autopilot and DJI for helis and multis, I dont doubt the fact that there are thousands of happy users using the apm 2.5  out there but commercial use is different to hobby use. Are there any users out there using this system on a large gas aeroplane. I do understand that like me a lot of people flying UAVs commercially dont discuss what they use and how on forums like this, but i would appreciate some input, im based in south africa, alternatively you can email me @ Thank you

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Hi Wayne,

I don't fly non-electric, but either the APM 2.5 or new PX4 is potentially an excellent choice.

Certainly you need to isolate and dampen the board from the engine vibrations, but that should be fairly straightforward.

The primary vibration dampening needs to be carried out at the board and materials like Sorbothane (30 durometer), Alpha Gel and Kyoso Zeal tape will work (just use 4 small under half inch pads) and there are also a few EAR shear type grommets that are nearly "light" enough to use as well.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the flight control boards are very light and it is hard to find (or make) a dampening / isolation solution designed to work with such a small mass.

You also have an opportunity to dampen and Isolate the engine mount to reduce the primary vibration inensity and there are several Lord type stud mounts with either urethane or silicone rubbers that should work appropriately but here you have to design the system not only for the weight of the engine, but also for it's thrust and torque loads (possibly higher temperature operation as well.)

If you follow these guide lines vibration control should be manageable and the APM or possibly even more so the PX4 should provide a reliable and useful controller for your use.

Hi Wayne,

At CanberraUAV we fly an APM2.5 on a Mugin with 50cc petrol motor - exactly the setup you describe. See our site at

When we started with APM vibration was a significant problem, and we put a lot of effort into vibration isolation in the Mugin. Since then we have made a lot of improvements to the vibration handling in the APM software, and it is now at the stage that I happily fly my IC plane without any vibration isolation at all. We still have the anti-vibration mount on our Mugin, but I suspect if we removed it and mounted the APM directly to the fuselage then it would fly fine.

Cheers, Tridge

Hi Andrew, off the topic a bit just wondering if you will be Writing an article on the lead-up and vision system you used in the outback competition ,definitely would be a good read enjoyed reading the follow up from the competition.

  "I'll do another article soon on the changes we made to ArduPlane in the lead up to the competition, and on the imaging system we used."

Hi Andrew, well i have ordered a apm2.5, hopefully  I will come right, I have purchased it locally (south Africa) in the hope i get after sales service but its not very likely(equivalent price 550 dollars), fortunately there is this forum, The drone is going to be used on the coal mines, we fitting a flir tau thermal camera to look for underground fires which ignite in old mines and burn underground, the fires burn out hugh cavities and every now and then a tractor and operator dissappears, Im a bit concerned about using the mugin because the are is only about 1km x 1km, and our grig lines we fly are only about 40m apart, the panda seemed to battle with the tight turns, with our mugin speeds below 70 km/perhour seemed a bit dodgy, do you think apm will be better in this regard.

Hi Tridge,

We are planning to build the same set up (mugin, 50cc and APM2.5). Hopefully it will fulfill our need for crp monitoring of various fields here in the Philippines. We would like to address the problem of banana fusarium wilt disease and also coconut bug infestation.


Once I have all the components we wish to share with you information which may be mutually beneficial. BTW have you tried the PX4 as an alternative to the APM?

Jerome Lacap


Have you used the Panda on the Mugin? I recently bought the new Panda II and would try it and hopefully make some success. We plan to use this plane in photogrammetry.



Hi Trigde,

I had a look on your site and couldn't find anything on vibration isolation. Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,


sos apm  2.5 todo montado arranco los motores y bien  pero el gas no acelera  pero si le doy a los stick  si funcionan los motores el gas solo sirve para arrancar y parar los motores

ayuda que puede ser


sos apm 2.5 rip all mounted engines and gas well but does not accelerate but if I give the stick if the gas engines work only serves to start and stop engine

assistance that may be


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