I'm confused and a bit frustrated, would appreciate any help as I'm not sure how to proceed.

Setup: I have a pixhawk autopilot running Arduplane 2.77, using Mission Planner 1.2.95

I've been following this guide to get my CHDK enabled camera working with my pixhawk. I'm interested in getting the camera triggering based on distance traveled.

Obviously the guide was written with APM in mind, so it needs to be adapted a bit for pixhawk; specifically the setting for RELAY_PIN. I've kept the rest of the settings the same as in the tutorial.

Pixhawk has 6 AUX ports according to the quick start guide, I am assuming that the numbers above the pins correspond to the AUX port numbering. When you mouse over the RELAY_PIN parameter, it says that pin 54 corresponds to Pixhawk FMU AUX1.

Tried setting RELAY_PIN to 54, no joy. Did a bit more looking, discovered in the release notes for 2.77: 

"Improved relay code
The relay and servo set code has had a major overhaul, with up to 4 relays now supported for MAVLink control and much better support for the DO_SET_SERVO, DO_SET_RELAY, DO_REPEAT_SERVO and DO_REPEAT_RELAY MAVLink commands. Along with these changes is a new parameter BRD_PWM_COUNT which allows you to specify how many auxillary PWM outputs to enable, with the remaining outputs being available as digital relays. This allows you to re-assign some of the aux servo outputs on Pixhawk for use as relays, by setting the RELAY_PIN, RELAY_PIN2, RELAY_PIN3 and RELAY_PIN4 parameters. The pin numbers for these pins start at 50 for the first aux servo pin, and go to 55 on Pixhawk."

Additionally,I found this github issue about this same problem that states that the Pixhawk can't trigger CHDK because its relay pins operate at 3.3V instead of 5V.

So i suppose my specific questions are:

1) Is AUX1 pin 50 or 54?

2) Can anyone confirm that the relays, when working properly, won't be able to trigger CHDK?

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Depending on your needs, you can chose from 4 modes.

2 burst modes
2 single shot modes
Please check full PDF manual on the page or instructional video.

Not seeing the pdf. I take it that's a NO for relay control?
Would you mind describing the 4 modes here rather than making us hunt for the info.

Looks like a very nice solution - no hacking of cables

Hi iskess,

Here's the link to the PDF file http://skysight.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/MONO-User-Manual.pdf
If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Happy Easter

Best regards,
SkySight Team

Hi Hamish Willee,

Exactly! Smart solution  to suit your needs the best.
Happy Easter

Best regards,
SkySight Team

Lets not get carried away with product and marketing promotions keeping in mind that this is technical discussion forum.

Somehow most of my message got cut. Very irritating. See wiki http://planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/other-project-and-common-topics/c... in standard format.

I've StratoSnapper 2 and work fine with Sony S2 Multiport.
But there're definitely other cheaper solutions, like this one (tested and work superfine):



Really - their docs say that support is "coming". Stratosnapper is a great solution too: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-optional-hardware/common-ca...

Stratosnapper 2 is not compatible with latest Sony's MTP. 

I'm trying to shoot Sony Rx100 M3, but I am in doubt about the pinout, the cable has only 4 wires: red, white, green and black.
The cable is written "B" and the camera's USB port is written "Multi" so I think it is possible.

Someone could shoot Sony Rx100 III using Pixhawk or APM?

I've tried all wire color options in the "Relay" and also in "Servo" CAM_TRIG_TYPE, but I'm having doubts about the value of PWM values, I tried in 1100 and 1900 respectively.

Can someone help me?, any help is very welcome :)

thank you

Hi Brenner,

It sounds like you have a regular USB "B" connector.. To trigger a MultiPort Sony camera you will need a trigger solution with the proprietary MultiPort connector..

We will be happy to supply you with the propper solution for your needs..

For specific APM / Mission Planner setup information - see 

ArduPilot Wiki - Connecting SkySight MONO

est regards
SkySight Team
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