Hi, I'm new to the idea of 3D in general but I see it's power.  I've been playing with Blender 2.6 and know just a little and not enough yet.  Anyway, I want to print airfoils and a spar to hold them.  I took an airfoil from Xfoil and used it as a background image, then followed it with a Nurbs path and converted it to a mesh.  Then, I used fill and F-gon to make it solid. 

What I want to do is figure out how to "cut" a slot for a spar or even how to cut some lightening holes.  If I can do that, then I would build a spar to fit and curve it for dihedral like on the easystar, and the printed ribs would snap in place.

Any hints? 

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I use a combination of Blender and FreeCad to design and then print my parts on a Makerbot TOM.
Blender is good for assembling things, and punching holes and such in meshes, and I use FreeCad for precise drafting work, and export the meshes for blender to use.

Recently, I've discovered OpenScad, to build geometric objects programmatically, like gears.

Here's a recent HexaCopter, I've been working on:


I submitted that rib shape to shapeways just to see what they would charge.  What a ripoff.  They wanted $32.00 for it and didnt even have a way for me to verify dimensions. 

My plan was to print some ribs and then fill with 2 part foam, sand to shape and cover with fiberglass.  It looks like it's back to kinkos and a copy machine as my wing building method.

Yeah, I printed a couple copters using Shapeways. It is very expensive.
Btw, to make the wing section, you need to extrude it so that it has thickness. Then you can use the "array" operation on it to make as many sections as you need for the wing. If you use an "object offset" relative to an empty that scales in the direction of the run, you can even create a taper. Then a boolean operation on the spar to create a slot.

It's actually easier to do than describe. Send me you wind section file, and I can make an example for you to play with.

Ok, thanks.  Here's a shot of the latest.  I cleaned up the leading edge.

I need the file with the Nurbs curve not the mesh.

Oops, maybe this will help.  I attached the background image in case you need it.  Also, it's actually 2 nurbs curves, one for the top and one for the bottom of the foil.

Here's the file with the extruded wing:

Hmm, looks like I can't attach files here.
Anyways, I'll put it in the main discussions of this group.

Thanks, Ellison.  I made a wing earlier using mesh, but I've got a long way to go to work a spar in.  Your extrusion of the nurbs got me thinking.  It'd be cool to print a hollow wing in nylon and then fill that with 2 part foam to make it rigid.  Maybe add a carbon arrow shaft as a spar and then fill it.   

Ellison, how did you extrude the curve?  I tried and all it does is move the curve like I did a grab.  That was probably why I converted to mesh.

I used the "Extrude" tool in the path menu. I left the original curve so, you can play with the extrusion property with it.

Check out this video. It's a little long winded, but lots of details about it towards the end:


Btw, you should use FreeCad for doing this. If you draw the curve there, you can extrude it as a filled in curve, and actually extrude solid sections, instead of hollow.
Ok, I did a rough wing section in FreeCad, and exported the section to stl, and Blender. Here are the two files. (in the main group discussion) Still can't figure out how to attach files here. You can play with the bezier curve in FreeCad to match better with your wing section.


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