Hello DIY Drones community,

I you may know a new Nokia phone (Lumia 1020) is now available. The particularity of this phone is that it's equiped with a 41mp camera sensor [1]. Such features (weight, 41mp sensor) make me think that it could be perfect for UAV and aerial photography. But you probably have more experience than me.
So my questions are:
Have you already tried this device ?
Do you think it could be use for such mission (aerial photography) ?
What are your impression ?

In the same time, I've googled a bit about UAV and the lumia and I've found than lehmannaviation will propose soon a UAV equiped with this phone [2].

Do you have any news about this project ?

Thanks for sharing your experiences.


[1] http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-1020

[2] http://store.lehmannaviation.com/index_cat.php?cat=5

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I don't like the idea of using a phone for pictures just cause it has high meg pix count doesn't make it a good camera, any photographer will tell you that.  However I can see why they would use it. For me I would want a good cannon or nikon.


I don't know how great this thing would be for IR (near IR) or even converting it to that...

Hello John,

You are absolutely right about the number of meg pix.

And I don't think you can easily change the lumia to a NIR camera.

I use also a canon to make my aerial pictures but I was looking for others alternatives, just in case.



I had a client ask me about this "camera" just last week. I told him there are good megapixels, and there are bad megapixels.  Check out DXO mobile scores. IPhone 5s at 8MP scores about the same as the Nokia Lumia at 41MP. (dont forget the big splashy sticker on consumer grade car audio amplifiers, specs sell - not quality)

What is the point of 41 megapixels that don't have the color depth or sensitivity to light as compared to a decent sensor like the one found in the Canon EOS M? I doubt the lumia can touch the EOS M in image quality in any measure.

I also told him that we will shoot 1000's of images with our Canon which ends up in the 10-20 Gigapixel range once processed. At this point MP becomes a moot point.

I bet it's a sweet camera for a phone though! (too bad it runs windows)

Hello Robert,

You are right on many points.

But the most important one for me is "too bad it runs on windows" :)


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