Hi I have a APM 2.5 and love it.

I am interested in the V tail quad copters, but there does not seam to be option for that frame type yet,

I know some people have written there own code & uploaded it as Hex file, that’s great but it would be good if it was available as standard frame.

I was looking at the DiaLFonZoV Tail but it was hard to get in Australia so i have made my own frame loosely based on the info I could find.

I have the first proto-type cut & assembled with a Crius MWC 1.9 it fly’s but not great, as I am not that good with setting these things up.


I have a proposal for a willing person.

I am going to get 2 frame cut next week a V2.0 which will have some improvements on my first frame.


I am willing to Supply ONE frame to some-one who can develop the firmware, settings etc & add them to mission planner etc,  for all to use.

I have only 1 frame for that Knowledgeable person who has the time to develop the code for these copters.

It should be ready to post out on the 10 Apr 2014

email me: dx4217 at yahoo  dot com


Looking forward to getting some feed back



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Hi Derek.


Mission Planner 1.3.17

It was under Beta firmwares.

Load this, you will get a prompt,

"These are beta firmwares, use at your own Risk!!!!"

Load the QUAD firmware to your APM.

Then connect, to mission planner, I used USB. (COM6, 115200)

Then look at Frame Type

And now set up everything else, compass etc.

Then the hard bit PID tuning, I till have not mastered this part yet.

but a quick look at what I have, could be improved

but She flys, that's the main thing.

Good luck and enjoy.



Hi Dave, 

I know this thread is old but I just saw it.   Great looking V-Tail design.  Nice work. 

I have spent a bit of time developing an excel sheet that calculates custom mixes for non symmetrical quads / hex and also V-Tails and have applied this to my Armattan 355 V-tail.   The results are super smooth and balanced flight, perfect yaw with no wobble and even power on all motors in the hover and full power climbs. 

If you give me the dimensions for yours (motor spacing mainly) I can give you the perfect custom mix for your frame. 

Or feel free to try the mixer here.


Here is a little more info how to get the best flight performance from a V-Tail. 



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