Had a bit of a weird one, updated from 1.0.58 to 1.0.62

Updated the software in my heli to 1.0.39b. Connected and the new mission planner is really slow. the map never updates and the HUD appears after a few secs but the rest of the screen never shows. gauges etc


Went back to 1.0.58 and everything works fine.

Suppose it might be my graphics card i'm using my old laptop.

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what make laptop is it, hooper?

Hooper, that card support opengl 1.5, so should work fine with correct drivers.



It's an advent computer 7014. I'll continue to search for drivers and let you know. thanks

Thanks, so if I understand your first link correctly, if I can update and confirm via dxdiag the driver version is at least then it should work?

technicly yes. however, anything new should work

unfortunately the download came up with "nvidia cannot locate any drivers compatible with your current hardware". I also checked the driver version (6.14.0010.7737) which should be more recent than the driver in the link above. Can you recommend any other tweaks or tests to try?

many thanks

I found my driver there for a Gforce 6800 for Win7. Installed and the system works perfectly.


I like the new setup system, calibration of the radio etc. Though on setting modes, didnt see any change after clicking the SAVE button.


The CMD screen is still alive in the background

Good Job!

rolled back to the original drivers dated 2002 and working correctly now.

good to hear

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