Hi All,

If you have been reading my posts on the Comment Wall you are aware that I am building a fairly large R/C racing boat for autonomous offshore competition.

The R/C boat I have selected is the Zippkit VBox 2013 edition that is 46" long and 17" in beam. The boat is normally powered by a 26cc gas engine of around 5 - 7 hp, however I plan to use a brushless electric motor in place of the gas engine.

Since I do not need speeds of 50 - 60 mph for the kind of competition that I envision, I feel that a brushless electric motor of around 3 hp will be sufficient to drive the boat at around 25 - 30 mph. Therefore I have identified a Leopard 5692 1000kva 3000 watt 56 mm dia brushless motor as being a suitable candidate for my purposes.

I have decided on using twin 6S 10,000mahr LiPo batteries in parallel to power the motor. So now I am researching high current, water cooled ESCs with 180 - 220 amp capacity to control the motor.

After the propulsion and steering hardware have been installed in the hull, I plan to integrate a Pixhawk navigation controller and associated components into the hull to provide autonomous navigation.

I will begin the Project Discussion with the installation of the propulsion and steering hardware and then move on to the integration of the navigation controller platform.



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Thanks for the kudos, much appreciated.

The mini lake that I run my autonomous boats in was having the shoreline rebuilt when I finished the boat and then the weather here in Southern Florida has either been very hot or rainy and cold making it hard to comfortably test the boat out.

Hopefully I can test it in the early spring of this year.




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