I'm currently using an FPV video rig (on 5.8GHz) that's outputting to a small screen in my field box and/or a pair of FatShark goggles.  I'd like to try using the Mission Planner video feed and will need to purchase a USB video converter thingie that will work for this.  Are there any models that are well-tested and working well with the current MIssion Planner?  Are there any models to avoid?



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most models ive seen work ok. i personaly have an easycap

you will need to retransmit the signal from 5.8ghz to 2.4ghz or weird from your ground station then you can use USB dongle to capture the video similar to the set up that I have but too many parts. I wish I could use the xbee for video over serial that would make things more stream lined. or a xbee to bluetooth converter I have seen some talk about converter on DIY Drones .look for Wireless USB DVR (2.4GHz + 4 Channels or regular eazy cap. cheep under $10 you need to run XP

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