Video Downlink question - will a 2.4 ip camera interfear with my 2.4 JR controller.

I am trying to figure a simple lightweight, video downlink for my Qaudcopter. No knowing good ways of doing this I am looking for any information/advice out there.


I am toying with an IP camera but understand it will run on a 2.4G freq. I am not sure if that would be wise since I have a JR 2.4 Spread Spectrum Radio.


I would like to hear what you may say, please chime in with comment or solutions.

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I have been able to run 2.4 Ghz xbees with 2.4Ghz RC gear.  There is interference between them, but the xbee link has a significant degradation, while the RC link was not degraded too bad. 


The only real way to answer your question is to try it, range test it, and see.   If you do find incompatibility, you can pick up older 72Mhz (or other band) RC radios pretty cheap.

It is my understanding that 2.4 RC and 2.4 XBees can get along OK because the XBees are low bandwidth and also spread sprectrum. (Turn on your RC first.)

However - 2.4 RC and 2.4 Video NO NOT get along because the video bandwidth is so much greater that it uses more spectrum space. The video Transmitter is not spread spectrum so it gobbles up the airspace the RC needs.

There are wireless video links available on 900mhz, 1.28ghz, 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz. If you are set on running your 2.4ghz radio, I would stay far away from a 2.4ghz video transmitter.

But I strongly suggest you find a 72mzh radio to use, and then you could definitely use 2.4ghz for your video link. Or any of the other freqs.

Your JR radio system is a digital system, and digital control systems do NOT tolerate the high powered "noise" of a Vtx right near them. They go into "brownout" or "Lockout" mode once the signal from your controller becomes weak, which causes total loss of control.

A 72mhz system will simply begin doing little glitches, warning you that you are reaching the edges of your range. You can fly through these and turn around safely. You cannot do that with a lockout, as seen with 2.4ghz radios.

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