Hi all.

I've been searching my a.. of the last week for a specific video showing a person flying an ArduCopter after adjusting variables for loiter or roll (I think).

I'll try to explain more detailed: The video shows the multirotor from the side, flying sideways for a couple of meters. When roll stick is released and put in middle/neutral position, the multirotor stops moving sideways. When it stops, it's wobbling a bit.

The person who has made this video, are adjusting some variables using Mission Planner (advanced parameters). To find his correct variables, he's using a rotary poti (I believe it was CTRL 6) to fine-tune the variables in concern while flying/testing.

Then when he had found his variables, he went to MP (adv param) and adjusted his max/min variables or something like that.

Sorry for this long and boring explanation, but I found this video very informative and would really like to find it again. Silly me, I forogt to add a bookmark in my browser when I first saw this.

Hope someone out there understands what I'm looking for.

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Relax guys - found it after browsing page by page thru the topic ArduCopter-3.0 ready for wider use.

Found it at AC 3.0 Maiden Flight Checks 

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