People, I want to developed a UAV, but first, I want understand and make same experience in ground of course... I want to move a servo in arduino by joystick. I know, we dont use Arduino, but is similar, so, I think thats ok to help me. I want to connect my arduino in PC and the Joystick USB connect in my PC. So, when I`ll move the joystick in my PC
for exemple, to the left, the servo in arduino will move to the left. I
want to do the same, like the example below:

Ok, but I want to do with Visual Basic or C# NOT in Pyton.
Anyone can I help me?
I searched in google but not sucess.... Cry

Thanks in advance!

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Hello All, I too would love to see this code. i know this thread is old but if somebody could email me the code, or even better, post it here for everyone to see... thank you!

zmzmbyu at hotmail dot com..

Just spotted there has been a few people asking for this code sample and just seen that there is an upload button. A bit late but might be useful for anyone else who come across this post.

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