Hey peeps,

So I've been playing around with drone videography lately, find it really hard to film stuff while controlling the camera gimbal to keep things i'm interested in frame.

Being a roboticist, I hacked together a working prototype that uses the video stream to track anything I want, using computer vision algorithms:

Currently, I have a video tracking software running on PC and control a gimbal to keep the region of interest I select in frame. I'm also planning  to dev. an android/ipad app so that you can just multi-touch define a subject with 2 fingers.

Is anyone out there also be into something like this? Would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks in advanced

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Hi Yan,

I've been beta testing your vertical application.  On your forum I have suggested that you integrate your technology with Ardupilot, especially given that DJI is offering their own similar technology in the Phantom 4.  Those suggestions where pretty much ignored.

So I'm a little surprised to find this thread and to learn that this is where you started.  Why the reluctance to use this with the Pixhawk class flight controllers?

Have you implemented it somewhere and I just missed it?  I think the commercial market will eventually be significantly larger than the consumer market which will provide much more opportunity for third party developers.  Not sure why you want to hitch your wagon solely to DJI? 


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