I have installed AttoPilot current and voltage sensor. I set capacity in APM Planner settings and checked that battery consumption percentage is shown correctly. However, displayed voltage is always four times lower than the real voltage. For instance, if real battery voltage is 12V then the value on APM Planner's display is 3V.

I think this is because of it's needed to set another voltage dividers ratio in firmware, but it's inconvenient to do it all time when uploading new firmware. 

So the suggestion is why not to add a factor for voltage value in APM Planner settings somewhere near Capacity value?

And also, is it possible to display current Amperage value near Capacity percentage and Voltage values?

Thanks in advance!



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hi Kirill 

As a fellow uav flyer, I  assume that the divided figure is your cells voltage and not the whole battery, thats better because if your are using lipo bat and you fall under 70% per cell then you can loose your batteries and plane, when we look the real voltage its ease to make mistakes but if you just remember 2,95 V its your limit i suppose its safer..

i dont have attopilotss current sensor, i use the dividers with my lipo, so i might make a mistake. also check if you use sensors& dividers, manual says to remove them first..




James, thank you for your answer and suggestion. I had this idea too, but I use 3S Lipo, instead of 4S. And the voltage is 4 times lower than must be. I don't have voltage divider resistors on my APM board.

So, I still can't understand what voltage is shown.

Michael, could you explain, please?

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