Hey guys, I have rebuilt my H550 Heacopter and have added the Walkera G-3DH 3 axis Gimbal and the HML650 Retracts.
The Camera gimbal is a 3 axis Gimbal with what looks like 4 ports to connect. The Gimbal has Brushless motors which will control the 3 Axis's.
As you can see from the Pics I will attach I already have a number of ports used of off the Pixhawk and most of the ports are free on the actual Frsky 8XR.
I have the Retracts on Aux port 4, a Zener Diode on Aux port 3 and the Bec in Aux port 6.
I think I read that Aux ports 5 and 6 need a relay to use them or something like that?
Am I able to free up more Aux ports on the Pixhawk by putting the Zenere Diode elswhere? , am I able to put the Bec Elswhere for the redundant power supply, or how do I go about using the Aux Ports 5 and 6 for the Gimbal?
Is it possible to use the 8XR to run the Camera Gimbal, as I only have an L.E.D. light controller running of off the 8XR.
Thanks in Advance,
Cheers Dave.

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Well, it is back together with the Pixhawk mounted on the bottom plate, a Walkera G-3DH 3 axis Gimbal and the HML 650 Retracts.

I just have to figure out how to wire up the gimbal for pan, tilt and a 360 deg rotation, plus it has another cable with it for changing the modes of the Gimbal.

The Gimbal had brushless motors, so i want too see whether i can ruin it of off the X8R rx.

I have also relocated the Battery to the top of the top plate.

Cheers Dave.

u only need relays for hooking up servos, looks like you still have 4 ports left for output of pitch and yaw RC control thru pixhawk

you just need to do the pixhawk gimbel setup and map the input RC channels from radio TX out to the pixhawk output ports  (2 of the 4 you have left)

is much nicer if you let pixhawk control the gimbal, as you can point and click the camera on Mission planner and even during missions

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