Anyone got any views on this new Walkera model, seems decent to me. Wonder if it is a true Phantom rival?

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I bought one of these and it was a big misteak!  It is mechanically well designed but very poorly manufactured. Walkera has historically had flakey electronics and this is no exception. To make matters worse dealing with Walkera is seriously impossible. The worst customer service I have ever encountered. Here is the list of problems.

- Back gromets were too close together on the cover – I had to bend the posts to get it to fit.
- It looks like someone started to punch a hole in the cover and then punched another beside it.
- One of the screws that hold the top plate on was spun so I had to make a special tool to get it out so I could check the electronics connections..
- Several of the motor wire screws on the ESC’s were not tight
- The screws holding the landing gear on were not tight so the bottom could easily be pulled off
- The thumbscrews holding one side of the camera clamp would not tighten. I had to remove metal chips out of the threaded holes and grind some off the thumbscrews to make it work.
- At first the landing gear would not retract and then all of a sudden began to work. I have no confidence in this craft.
- After I calibrated the compass I move the throttle up slightly and the motors spun up causing the craft lurch to the right. A motor was blocked by the grass and began to smoke BADLY before I could get in to disconnect the power. A dangerous move with all the props spinning. The motor does still run but I have no confidence in it after having been damaged so much.
- I did get it flying and it seemed well for a while but now, I have to take it to half throttle before the motors will spin and when I lower the throttle below half the motors shut down and the craft falls!
- The return to launch is useless unless you fly in a field. According to Walkera it holds an altitude of 15 meters so it will crash into anything taller. 
- The "manual" is pitiful.
Nice looking, nice specs but buyer beware!!! And if you do have problems, forget getting help from Walkera!

Your feedback on this model is most appreciated. Many of these Chinese companies lack communication skills and therfore can't offer back up service. I recently helped do some rewritting on a manual, they had instructions for putting the propellers on it said " Put the gibbous facing upwards" It meant place the raised mark facing upwards. You've spend serious money on this rig and it demands better service, it's not the same as if you've spent $50 on a Ladybird. Companies like Walkera should remember this. They have moved into a new marketplace and have not got the infrastructure to support it.

Hi Paul, I am royally ticked with Walkera but my main concern is that others don't put themselves through the same expense, lost time, and frustration. I'm stuck with this thing now so I'll fix the mechanical shortcomings and strip the electronics off and install a Pixhawk. Expensive lesson... but look at all I've learned... :)

Hi Terry

Can you say where you got it from?

Yes, HobbyWow. They have been good to deal with. I've totally washed my hands of Walkera. In my last email to Sophia at Walkera I quoted Aristophanes, a Greek philosopher in the 3rd century, who said “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever”. Might not be the best way to end a relationship but it felt good. BTW you can probably guess where Walkera fits in. LOL

i have also purchased one and the thing has performed perfectly, and i will also mention i have started modding it. as you have spammedmost forums about this no wonder no one is prepared to help you, by what you have said you have not set the unit it up correctly in the first place.

Hi Kieth, I'm thrilled you got a good one. Yes, I have posted in several places and will continue to do so. I wish someone had done the same thing before me so that I could have make a wiser choice.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that I didn't set the QR X800 up properly. I have 3 other quads, 2 using the APM 2.6 FC so I have plenty of experience otherwise and followed the QR X800 "manual" exactly. 

First let me say the QR X800 is and elegant mechanical design... that's why I bought it

I already had one go around with Walkera when I got a faulty Devo 10 (channel 10 didn't work). I needed the radio and finally gave up on the incessant questioning and bullying from them and PAID for a new main board AND for shipping. That's not customer service.

. The list of problems with the quad was far more extensive and serious. I never once got an apology for their shoddy work or and offer to compensate on any way and was met with another barrage of usually unrelated questions. Their last request was that I send a picture of the whole craft and of the ESC. I had no idea why they would want that but I sent the pics and a day later was told that they could see nothing wrong. Really? And here I thought they would see a design flaw through the ESC heat sink... come on!

Be careful with yours not to block the motor with any amount of throttle. My other ESC's are designed to sense overcurrent and shut down. I'm pretty sure the QR ESC's are not. In the tip over on the first flight one prop was blocked and I couldn't reduce the throttle. The motor windings glowed red and smoke rolled out like crazy. If I hadn't pulled the power it would have caught fire.

The other issue has happened twice, For no reason in the middle of the flight, the motors would cut and half throttle and the quade would drop to the ground. It then required half throttle before the motors would start and once up when I throttled back it would drop again. I think it's related to operating the retracts. 

I fly commercially and safety is a VERY large concern. I cannot trust this quad. I'll be pulling the electronics and putting a pixhawk on it.

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