Want to Mod an AR drone and use as a platform... need help


Hey all,


I am a student intern and I need to research a way to demonstrate an autonomous system we are working on. I (the company) currently own an AR Parrot Drone.


I was wondering if I could take off the current motherboard and replace it with ArduCopter's autopilot. Or if I could heavily modify the current motherboard. (Would not like to do that because I lack software and hardware skills) Basically I just want to use the airframe of the AR Drone to fly my own hardware/software or commercially available (Arducopter) hardware/software.


Is this even possible? Has anyone done anything similar?


Any questions/hints/comments would be greatly appreciated



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Your gonna be better off building ur own air frame or just getting the complete ArduCopter setup.  Honestly

yes lots of people have asked this question.  the results are the same it's easier to go with what works and what everyone else is using at the time.  APM is the answer

  Ohh okay. Haha well for the sake of trying to save a buck, is there some way to get only the Auto-Hover feature of the APM w/o all the waypoints, 3D, ect. I just need to demonstrate that our project can effectively provide data and communicate to a FCC. (In this case to APM)


I know I'm kind of splitting hairs here

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