I am new to Drones and RC Helicopters

i need an Affordable Drone or RC Helicopter featuring....

1. Live camera or FPV or even a cheap video sys

2. some payload - 1kg to 5kg

3. more than 20 minutes flight time

4. at least 500meters to 1 km control range

5. must be affordable -BUDGET : $1500 to $3000

6. must be NON WI-FI

can be a octocopter/helicopter....... dosent matter as long as it have enough Payload


Please Help


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Can you get more specific on your payload weight? 1-5kg is a really large weight envelope for a multirotor. You should be thinking of a payload in terms of grams.

Go get whatever you want to carry, weigh it, and report the grams here, maybe someone can help you.

If you keep posting 1-5kg, I doubt you'll get much interest. Even if you do post the same message a dozen times.

Oh, and do you understand this is *diy* drones?

you can build this yourself .. very easy for more like 500$. I guess 800$ if you want a Fatshark, too.

Write me and I can help you find the right parts.


did you find a craft that meets your needs if not I am able to help you put together a nice craft. where are you located?

Cybercrash, I like the idea of building a good quad with gimbal, FPV, and GPS/autopilot features, but in adding up the cost of all the components for a DIY rig, they come out to almost the same, if not more, than a Walkera X350 Pro.  Am I off base, or can you really achieve cost savings with a DIY approach?

Thanks much!


I don't think so.

I guess if you add all up, then the price is the same or maybe a bit more.

The advantage of building a DIY copter is that you can decide what it should be able to do. You can decide which motors, props, power distribution, lipo, gimbal, ...

Also your build is unique and nothing anybody can have. This makes it special. Also in case of repairs you can repair single booms or parts, when you have an accident with a system like the phantom, and the main casing is broken, then you have to buy the whole plastic body again.

I know there are great prices out there, but I will always go with DIY. You can start with a quad and later build up to a hex or X8. With a just bought model this isn't possible.

Also you learn a lot about electronics and soldering when you build your own.

If you want to build a quad with a good size I would go with this kind of DIY:


or if you want it smaller:


or go with "just bought"


(still open source APM inside)

I don't really know if the 250 quad will fly in windy conditions. I had a 450ish quad once and upgraded to a hex to be more resillient in case of windy days.

There are plenty of mutli-rotors that can lift 1KG that are available for less than $3K

I just finished building a Foxtech FPV Kraken.  It can easily lift 5KG.  Had it flying for 22 minutes on two 10,000ma 6S batteries with a pixhawk.  After adding gimbal and other electronics, it was more than $3K, but for just the airframe and flight controller, you can squeak by at about $3k for one of those.  (Gimbal and Battery aren't included in the $3K) 

Kraken 130 from FoxtechFPV

Thanks for the info.  I like the SK450; as a kit it is semi-DIY.  As for GPS/autopilot, I'm most interested in waypoint programming and flying.  Would that be an addition to the SK450 you pointed to, or would waypoint feature be a substitute for some components in the SK450 kit?  Thanks again!


GPS/Autopilot will not work with the simple KK - board.

What you could do is get the APM or the Pixhawk:

The real Pixhawk:


China clone:


You can place the pixhawk on any quad/hex/octo you have and then gps/position hold,comming home, waypoints will work.

Hi Sardar Jee.

We are closer and we can talk.

If you need help, talk to me.


This is something we developed, and offering now, if you want something allot smaller than typical offerings...

Small compact, powerful, and custom options to for H8 Configuration


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